My Two Fathers Are Better Than One

I had two Fathers.


                No, this was not a situation where both of my fathers were lovers nor was I an adopted child to two men who wanted one of their own. One father was the one who taught me how to bait my own fishing pole, drive a manual-shift car, fire a shotgun into an open country field and hold my own when it came to self-defense. My other father had shed the importance of being sure I selected the right man to be in a relationship with. The right man to father my future children with and most importantly, how not to settle for one who did not display the actions of a real man, even though he was born with a penis and testicles between his legs. To a woman continuing to blossom and grow into her own, both fathers instilled great gems that I would be able to carry on throughout the rest of my life. They were my versions of true love!

BYOB! Be Your Own Boss

20151128_145809.jpgAs I was having lunch today, it came to me.  So many people rather sit back and be content with the 40 hours of labor and paychecks full of deductions, instead of really going out there and claiming what truly belongs to them.  Everyone has a dream but when you wake up, is it simply a captured vision you see unconsciously?







“You’re pretty to be Dark Skin”…

     Martin Luther King Jr. said it best12088290_1513737615605318_263864202037763299_nWho do we blame for the ignorance that goes on within today’s society?  We were raised in times where being a certain complexion wasn’t the best thing, even though there was little option unless you were aborted or born into another race/ethnicity.  So what do you do when you have no control over your own skin tone?  Bleach yourself lighter?  How about tanning? Shame yourself?  What are the options?  I have one.  Embrace it.

Chivalry vs. “Netflix & Chill”


The days of the good, are soon coming to an end, where they will be replaced with nothing but “trap queens” and “bad bitches.”  They will trot around appearing as though your nearest strip club just let out like a “school’s over” final bell.  Beware…all real things will come to an end…or will it?

Knowing Yourself=Valuing Yourself


The most important thing that should be taught to any young child is to recognize self-worth.  A lot of times, we raise our children with thicker skin than what we had grown up.  We try to do everything we can and give everything possible that was not available to our youth, when we were raised as little ones.  “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never phase me,” was the saying that I grew up on – but how true was that statement and just how effective do you think it really was?  To be accepted by society, people go through desperate measures to be recognized, not understanding that this recognition they seek may not come along with positive perceptions of them as an individual.