Caleb Minter: Young Heart, Old Soul

ATLANTA has been known as a transplant host for such amazing talent around the world. You have many well-known artists such as André 3000, Monica and T.I. who are originally from the peach state and then those such as the late Whitney Houston, India Arie and Ciara, all whom have become very successful over a course of hard work and determination after relocating to Georgia. So it’s not unusual to come across artists such as Caleb Minter along with others who performed this evening, just to name a few: Broadway Miller (@BroadwayMiller), Rolynne Anderson (@Rolynnethefirst), Chanel Teaboù (@ChanelTeabou) and J. Morris (@JustMorris). If you find yourself in downtown Atlanta on a third Wednesday of each month, make sure you swing on by Studio No.7 and check out Milk & Sizz’s Sound Board and support your musicians.


Brain Before Booty…


Or so they say…

One thing that I have learned since relocating to Atlanta is patience is of virtue.  There are too many times when people meet and rush into things way too fast.  When the “ships” don’t work out, then they are left standing there wondering …where did things go wrong?   (more…)

Who Is Sabrina T. Wallace?

Let me re-introduce myself to the world of blogging where opinions run wild like forest fires in the state of California.  I am a writer who suffered at one point from the illness of caring what someone thought.  Yes, I said it.  I allowed someone else’s discomfort and insecurity to play a major role in my disappearance but guess what?  I’m backkkkk!