“I wanna know what goes through a boy’s mind…”

I know I am not alone with this question. What are you thinking about while you go through the emotions of falling for someone? One thing that I have come to learn is that Men are truly from Mars and Women are from Venus! As a woman, I cannot expect my man to share the … Continue reading “I wanna know what goes through a boy’s mind…”

(Guest Blogger) A Trip in Guadeloupe…

Welcome to "Guest Bloggers Wednesday!"      Every Wednesday, I will post a submission from a guest blogger on my site. Please take the time to read their article and interact! Take advantage of a great opportunity to reach out to readers who might not be within the same circle as your very own!   … Continue reading (Guest Blogger) A Trip in Guadeloupe…

Something to make you say “OuOui!”

      "OuOui!," isn't just a form of an expression anymore. No. "OuOui!," is an upcoming taste of paradise, sealed within the curvy-shaped black glass with nothing but greatness inside. If you ever had the opportunity to meet the President of Caribbean Smooth, and get a sample, then you too would agree that this drink...excuse … Continue reading Something to make you say “OuOui!”

#SpitThatP Launching Party with #VitaminD

  At the Calabar & Grill located in Stone Mountain, GA on Saturday, February 20, 2016, I walked into the #SpitThatP Launching Party, welcomed by a dim room full of energetic vibrations...an atmosphere with its audience had been held captive lovely artist Key Porter. By the time I made my way through traffic, I had missed … Continue reading #SpitThatP Launching Party with #VitaminD