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The Liar’s Den: Let’s Talk CHEATING

The event I attended on January 21, 2017 located at La Madeleine in Sandy Springs, Georgia, “The Liar’s Den: Let’s Chat,” was something much-needed not just for myself as a woman, but women in general in order to bridge together this invisible gap so commonly placed between us. This was set as a preview of the book, which would shed some light together as a group on questions we all at some point seemed to wonder when it came to men. No, this wasn’t a male’bashing event or a get-together to talk about their flaws, but rather gain some form of group therapy that could eventually help us within our own relationships whether as a partner or even with young sons.


#DatingAtlanta: Expect The Unexpected


Friday night was one that I definitely did not expect.  First off, I don’t know if it was because of my new haircut or what, but there seemed to be more lesbians in the crowd than last week.  With that being said, unfortunately, I did not find it in my best interest to use the line, “I’m a lesbian,” shoo off men. And of course, some took advantage of this as I felt like I had been captive by low-quality men. The main one was this man of Nigerian descent.  I was standing at the bar talking to my favorite bartender when this guy came up to my left. I had already downed my first long island iced tea and found entertainment in flipping through Pinterest photos. John and I were also texting during this period. (more…)

How To Guide: #DatingAtlanta

Good Evening!  So recently I dismantled a long distance relationship with a young gentleman who will remain nameless.  It was not what I pictured and with hiccups when it came to honesty, I decided it was best for me to bring in the new year with a clean slate.  The title of this entry is called “How To Guide: #DatingAtlanta,” in which the reason behind it clearly speaks exactly what you see.  Atlanta is known to be flooded with women and with its ratio being so high (According to, there are 80k more women than there are men), this is going to be quite an adventure ahead of us.

This evening, I have decided to bring you along with me as I begin a journey into the world of online dating.  A lot of you have heard of it and I am sure enough of you have experienced it.  Online dating can be fun and easy going at times and then a big turn-off and brutally overwhelming during others.  This will be the first time, however, that I post my dating quarrels online for others to view, so your interaction is going to play a big role.  

I will not inform any of these men who I meet on the site, about my journey in blogging it as I do not believe their reactions will be as genuine.  Those who I could really give a damn less about, I will inform.  I will also consult with a male friend of mine who will help me out along the way when it comes to digesting/translating the responses (from a male’s perspective)…we’ll call him “John”

So sit back and let’s get this show on the road! (more…)

Mr. Ass Licker


A Tenderoni in a room full of Retired Men!

     So after I had my meeting with my business partner Jae, I decided to visit this lounge I typically go to on Saturdays.  Already being in the area, I figured why not, seeing how I had nothing else on my agenda plus it had been about a month since I last went.  I remember my hair stylist informing me that on Fridays, there was an open buffet with shrimp, crab legs, etc.  Even though I had no intention of eating from the buffet, I thought it would be convenient to just go and see what it was all about. (more…)

5 Ways To Catch a Catfish & A Twist!

Let’s pretend you live under a rock.

You’ve been single for some time and one of your friends convince you to create an account on POF (, in hopes of capturing a beautiful woman to take you out of your misery.  At first, you’re against it.  

I’m not desperate,” you tell yourself.  “I have no problem finding a woman without the help of the internet!”  

Everybody’s doing it, man.  Hell, I’m even up there,” your boy comforts you.

So you tell yourself that after one week, you’re going to delete this account in which you’ve now registered “BigManATL,” as your alter ego.  Still reluctant, you first surf through profiles anonymously without a profile photo.  

No bites.  But once you upload a photo of yourself, the messages begin to roll in.  There’s one in particular that catches your attention though and there’s something about her eyes that draws you in.


Love: Return To Sender

How can you love someone else or even expect others to love you if you don’t love yourself?

     I remember at one point, telling someone you love them to the point you’d die for them was the thing.  Those days have come and gone.  If you love me that much, you can’t possibly love yourself.  I may sound a little cold but hear me out.

tumblr_n32vz9cnSV1qdlo83o1_500 (more…)

Cut The $h*t.

There’s always….1.

Have you ever had someone in your life who, regardless of how good of a man or woman you are, you were just never good enough for them to “lock down,” but just right for them to lay with?  Whenever you did go out in public together, it was never somewhere local when you would run into friends of theirs or even yours.  Everything was always so “low-key,” but they made it their business to pop-up anytime another took an interest in you.  Any other time when they would see you out, they kept it cordial, however when a man or woman stood within your personal space, they made it their business to intervene?

Single Parenting – I missed this class…

Let me just set this down right here for you to digest before you begin to past judgement:

I, along with anyone else out there who happens to be a “single parent,” did not plan this.  It was not one of those things where you go into a closet and pick out your destiny – especially not when you’re in a marriage, let alone a relationship with someone.

I am a single, divorced mother of a young boy.  No one told me that a day would come when I would feel so unprepared.

The importance of raising a child, a young boy, can be very detrimental for a woman to do on her own but it is not impossible.e30df7298b1db61328af72c4ce080c55