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The Liar’s Den: Let’s Talk CHEATING

The event I attended on January 21, 2017 located at La Madeleine in Sandy Springs, Georgia, "The Liar's Den: Let's Chat," was something much-needed not just for myself as a woman, but women in general in order to bridge together this invisible gap so commonly placed between us. This was set as a preview of… Continue reading The Liar’s Den: Let’s Talk CHEATING

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#DatingAtlanta: Expect The Unexpected

Friday night was one that I definitely did not expect.  First off, I don't know if it was because of my new haircut or what, but there seemed to be more lesbians in the crowd than last week.  With that being said, unfortunately, I did not find it in my best interest to use the line,… Continue reading #DatingAtlanta: Expect The Unexpected

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How To Guide: #DatingAtlanta

Good Evening!  So recently I dismantled a long distance relationship with a young gentleman who will remain nameless.  It was not what I pictured and with hiccups when it came to honesty, I decided it was best for me to bring in the new year with a clean slate.  The title of this entry is… Continue reading How To Guide: #DatingAtlanta

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Mr. Ass Licker

A Tenderoni in a room full of Retired Men!      So after I had my meeting with my business partner Jae, I decided to visit this lounge I typically go to on Saturdays.  Already being in the area, I figured why not, seeing how I had nothing else on my agenda plus it had… Continue reading Mr. Ass Licker

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5 Ways To Catch a Catfish & A Twist!

Let's pretend you live under a rock. You've been single for some time and one of your friends convince you to create an account on POF (, in hopes of capturing a beautiful woman to take you out of your misery.  At first, you're against it.   "I'm not desperate," you tell yourself.  "I have… Continue reading 5 Ways To Catch a Catfish & A Twist!