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Stepping Outside of Your Costume

With Halloween being right around the corner, what better excuse to come out and be yourself? A lot of times, we get caught up in trying to be this image of what society paints as the "ideal" person and lose ourselves along the way. We use make-up galore to hide our flaws and revealing clothing to attract/"make ourselves feel sexy." If this is how YOU want to deliver yourself, then okay. But if you are doing it because "that's what's in," then take a deeper look at who you are and then another look at who it is that you are trying to be.

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Random Questions to Mr. Unknown

There are always times when you want to ask a guy a question from a male's perspective.  It could simply be to gain understanding of how the situation is viewed or just to pick their brains.   So I reached out to Mr. Unknown and decided to ask him some questions that I know women… Continue reading Random Questions to Mr. Unknown

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i lost my VIRGINITY at Radiance

Natural's been a great ride!! But Babyyyy...It was time to switch it up!  Don't worry because if I get bored with this style, then I will try something else. Angela Dezigns of Radiance Hair Salon 8347 Roswell Road Sandy Springs, GA 30350 IG: Angeladezigns My new stylist Angela made sure she provided me with… Continue reading i lost my VIRGINITY at Radiance