Caleb Minter: Young Heart, Old Soul

ATLANTA has been known as a transplant host for such amazing talent around the world. You have many well-known artists such as André 3000, Monica and T.I. who are originally from the peach state and then those such as the late Whitney Houston, India Arie and Ciara, all whom have become very successful over a course of hard work and determination after relocating to Georgia. So it’s not unusual to come across artists such as Caleb Minter along with others who performed this evening, just to name a few: Broadway Miller (@BroadwayMiller), Rolynne Anderson (@Rolynnethefirst), Chanel Teaboù (@ChanelTeabou) and J. Morris (@JustMorris). If you find yourself in downtown Atlanta on a third Wednesday of each month, make sure you swing on by Studio No.7 and check out Milk & Sizz’s Sound Board and support your musicians.


Who Runs the World? The Pum Pum of course!

Unless you were living under a rock…

You had no reason to miss this event!  And for everyone in attendance…Thank you for coming out to support such a wonderful Woman, Author, Extraordinaire, Mother and Blogger, Ni’Cola Mitchell!


Ni’Cola Mitchell


Do you like Pum Pum? Check It Out!!

You are cordially invited to…

The official Atlanta book launch for Best-Selling Author and recently featured in Black Enterprise 2015 as one of the 5-Follow Worthy Bloggers to Watch, Ni’cola Mitchell.  

When: Saturday, January 30, 2016 from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Where: Cephora Lounge – 3649 Clairmont Road, Atlanta, GA 30341

Hosted By: The Cypher’s Den

Ni’cola Mitchell will be in the house greeting readers and signing books, with live performance from Simon Stone and Key Porter.  There will be hors d’oeuvres, drinks and great entertainment.  Guest will also be able to participate in a Q&A session in which Ni’cola will be able to bring to life the characters of her novels, speak about her story and discuss what she has coming up next.  A portion of ticket sales will go to purchasing gifts for the children of the Infectious Disease Clinic of Grady Hospital.  

This event is sponsored by Caribbean Smooth Premium Rum Liqueur, Maximum Level Entertainment, NCM Publishing, CEO Life Global, Strategic Connections Plus, Rude Gal International and The Cypher’s Den.
You must RSVP for this event at: RSVP Here


Networking 101: Meet Spin-A-Rella

Are you a small business, seeking growth?  Are you an entrepreneur and you’re just not sure what needs to be done in order to build and network?  Well, you’re not alone.  Sad to say, I’ve noticed more that when you are aspiring to become your own boss or really just put your foot forward towards that leap of faith, not too many people rock with you.  

These are the same ones on FB that rather flock and comment on some ratchet news, than support those who are trying to make a difference.  So if you have a small business, this is what I am going to do.  Simply fill out the form which will have the following questions below (you can find its’ link on the homepage to the right labeled “Market Me!”) and submit it.  Please: No Get Rich Quick Schemes or other Illegal Hustles!

Every week one entry will be selected and listed on my site as well as under my “Small Businesses” page.  All that I ask from you in return is to mention my site on your social media and like my page on FB.  That’s all.  In this world, the best thing you can give is the word of mouth.  Now…for my first listing! 


BYOB! Be Your Own Boss

20151128_145809.jpgAs I was having lunch today, it came to me.  So many people rather sit back and be content with the 40 hours of labor and paychecks full of deductions, instead of really going out there and claiming what truly belongs to them.  Everyone has a dream but when you wake up, is it simply a captured vision you see unconsciously?