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The Liar’s Den: Let’s Talk CHEATING

The event I attended on January 21, 2017 located at La Madeleine in Sandy Springs, Georgia, "The Liar's Den: Let's Chat," was something much-needed not just for myself as a woman, but women in general in order to bridge together this invisible gap so commonly placed between us. This was set as a preview of… Continue reading The Liar’s Den: Let’s Talk CHEATING

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Mr. Ass Licker

A Tenderoni in a room full of Retired Men!      So after I had my meeting with my business partner Jae, I decided to visit this lounge I typically go to on Saturdays.  Already being in the area, I figured why not, seeing how I had nothing else on my agenda plus it had… Continue reading Mr. Ass Licker

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Random Questions to Mr. Unknown

There are always times when you want to ask a guy a question from a male's perspective.  It could simply be to gain understanding of how the situation is viewed or just to pick their brains.   So I reached out to Mr. Unknown and decided to ask him some questions that I know women… Continue reading Random Questions to Mr. Unknown

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Don’t believe the hype!

So you have haters... Okay so this may ruffle a few feathers but hey...why not?  I've seen it time and time again where people will go on to say the infamous "If you got haters, that means you're doing something right."  Uh..what if they don't have anything else to do but find ways to start… Continue reading Don’t believe the hype!

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#SweetSpotNation: Atlanta

The atmosphere was oh so sexy and breathtaking as seduction walked around. "Would you like to play a game?" Let me give you the heads up for everyone who plans to attend the Sweet Spot Nation whenever they visit your town: The answer is always YES! At least that's what Dr. Lee enforced!