Closets: Why Hide Your Preference?

*wipes eyes*…so I’m giving you all this post before I even get out of bed and brush my teeth – yeah, it’s that serious. Let’s talk about something here: “Coming Out of the Closet”

Have you realized, it’s 2017 and Donald Trump is our President? Yes, the same ‘You’re Fired!” guy that you use to watch (if you did) on television in the comfort of your own home. So tell me this. We are so far into the future and beyond things that once were not accepted (homosexual marriage, women in the workplace, interracial relationships) and shunned from the public eye, why is it still so hard for someone to come out of the closet and wear their sexuality on their sleeve?


Right now, the Transgender community are under the scope but yet, you still have people who want to tell their loved ones that they like men or women, feel as though they will not be accepted if they did. What is wrong with the world right now? Are people too involved in what everyone else has going on within their personal life to focus solely on what they have on their own plate? I believe this contributes towards the “down low’ness” we have in Atlanta as well as across the world. You still have people in the closet who want to come out but also do not want to be ridiculed or judged for their preference. If you are a man and you want to be with another man – so be it! I would rather you go after what you want than you sit and pretend that you really want me while you skinny dip raw with a guy behind my back. This is part of how STDs and other lethal diseases are transmitted.

This also pulls on the emotional strings of others. You will really have someone sitting here thinking they’re not good enough for you or you’re not satisfied with them. They’re walking through hell and hot water for you, while you’re fighting and trying to figure out at the same time how to tell them you really like men/or women.

This does not have anything to do with the person (in my opinion) but moreso, it has a lot to say about the society that we live in. If I like kissing women and fondling them, dammit I’m going to come out and just DO IT, to hell with saying it. But that’s me. We as people, make life so much more complicated for others than what it really should be. We light our torches and sharpen our pitchforks as we gather around at the local flea market and prepare to judge everyone who isn’t like ‘us.’

My piece of advice to those who want to feel free and care less about what the world may say: 

  • Set up a nice small intimate date with your partner or friend of choice
  • Be happy and don’t focus on those who may look at you – enjoy the company of one another.
  • Talk about how your date makes you feel with them while you’re out
  • Go at your own pace.
  • Repeat.

I hope this post helps some of you out there who are struggling, to step one foot more out of the closet and just understand, even if those people don’t accept you, there are others out here who will. Stay strong!


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