Stepping Outside of Your Costume

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With Halloween being right around the corner, what better excuse to come out and be yourself? A lot of times, we get caught up in trying to be this image of what society paints as the “ideal” person and lose ourselves along the way. We use make-up galore to hide our flaws and revealing clothing to attract/”make ourselves feel sexy.” If this is how YOU want to deliver yourself, then okay. But if you are doing it because “that’s what’s in,” then take a deeper look at who you are and then another look at who it is that you are trying to be.

Everyone who wears the weave has a reason behind it. I know personally for me, it gave me an alter ego. Yes, I’ll admit it. Each wig that I threw on, gave me a different sense of who I was and a better way to express it. If I placed my long, down to the butt, wig on – that was “Becky-Ann.” She didn’t give two shits about what you or the person next to you had to say. 

Or if I throw on my short, straight cut bob wig, that was “Phoenix,” my sex siren side. She oozed with attraction and fierceness. As I stated, they all played a role in me bringing into the forefront, who I am. There was no pretending or impersonating – nah. When I would take them off, they would retreat back into their safe zones and the regular Sabrina would step forward. But I was already aware of who I was before I placed them on.

They say you’re ugly. No one is attracted to a woman with short hair. Going Natural – the “ugly phase.” You know why a lot of women fear going natural and doing the big chop? They don’t know what they may look like once they chop all of their hair off. They’re afraid they will not look attractive or that their hair will be hard to maintain. There is a sense of pride that overcomes you when you cut all of your hair off. A sense of freedom in knowing that your hair does not dictate who you are. I cut my hair all the way down, below Amber Rose’s recently and you know what? I felt even better than when I did the big chop.

It’s all about being confident in who you are and not allowing clothes, weaves, make-up or even individuals, to dictate what you’re supposed to look like in order to feel beautiful naturally. Get to know who you are and learn to appreciate her. Promote your beauty and when others ask you if it’s hard – be honest. Being beautiful is the easiest thing ever. Being myself is the more rewarding thing in life. The more you liberate yourself, the more empowered you will feel. We face enough in the world as it is, being a woman. Destroy Her


Behind all of the make-up and the hair, is a beautiful woman waiting to be celebrated on the outside. Even if you can’t go bare 100%, taking steps towards it is the only thing that matters. And this also applies towards life in general including relationships. Closets: Why Hide Your Preference?

There’s nothing more beautiful, than being YOU!

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