Tomorrow is Not Promised to Anyone


Life is not a guarantee scheduled for everyone. There are people of greatness, who never wake up to see the following day. For this very reason, you must live today as if it is your last. Hug someone and let them know that you missed them. Express your love for someone you simply adore. Tell someone for the first time, how much you care and appreciate them because it may be the last opportunity that you are given. Neglect the negatives in life and embrace the greatness destined for you. Surround your life around the powerful positives.

Holding onto grudges, you find yourself treating someone who has done you wrong with great distance. You refuse to speak to them or even acknowledge their presence. Do you not realize how much energy you are wasting by ignoring them? When you take the chance to not only understand what they did to offend you, you are taking the first step in forgiving them. Instead of ignoring them, you are given the option to just respond and keep it moving. Instead of badmouthing them, find something positive to say about them – you are considered the bigger person after all. 

I have noticed, when you surround yourself with people that are quicker to point out something negative about a person, if you spend too much time with them, you end up doing the same thing. Now, you don’t like someone, not because of anything they may have done to you, but rather because you allowed someone else’s judgement to cloud your own. Find yourself around more positive thinkers and doers than the nayers. When do you this, you realize that you have no time to really divulge precious energy into assumptions and pre-judgements. Positive people are all about making great moves towards being successful and rarely contemplate of why they don’t like someone. If you are an entrepreneur, place your hard work, efforts and time into building your empire.

Have you ever noticed how miserable someone who always complains is? There could be a full glass of gold planted directly in front of them. Instead of seeing it for what it is and the beauty, they will question who the glass belongs to and if it is actually real gold. These types of people may always find something negative within any situation and even in life, question the many blessings they could be receiving. Don’t be that person. Be the one full all of life and all the opportunities it has to offer to you. Grow within not just yourself, but your abilities to advance. 

Don’t worry about all the wrongs people have done to you or all the bad things that have occurred in your life. Do not place energy into feeding the worries and doubts. Grab your today and tomorrow by the horns and press forward because at the end of the day, tomorrow is not promised to anyone.


-The Fire Jayde


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