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Lost in a World of Technology

We all have been guilty of this, some more than others, allowing technology and its fancy attention grabbing spectacles, to entertain our young children while we catered to either wok or our own desires. What ever happened to spending quality time with your loved ones, watching your kids grow up from toddlers to adolescents?

Technology has begun to take over our households, even during holidays where time together should matter the most. Now and days, you can barely hold a conversation with a teenager without a cellular phone or iPad being nearby. Our ways of showing affection and love have been downgraded to:

Image result for i love you emoji

The ways in communicating your feelings including anger and hurt have been replaced with:

Image result for crying emoji

Where has the time gone? I understand it is expected of us to adjust to the new age of technology, but have you thought about how it affects your relationships with your children? When was the last time you took your child to the park and played – like, truly invested time in without your cellphone going off or you taking photos of their every step? When was the last time you took a vacation and just allowed your memory to capture the moments, instead of going live on Facebook or snapping photos to upload onto Instagram? When was the last time you went to a restaurant with your child and did not actually check in on your mobile app?

I too am very guilty of doing everything I just listed – but because I am aware of it, I want to do something about it. And I challenge every one of you to do the same. At least one day out of the week, turn off your electronics and spend some real one on one time with your child(ren). Read a book or even allow them to read it to you. Play a board game or even cards. But let’s not continue sitting in front of the television with our phones up to our face, allowing time to pass not only ourselves, but our future by without experiencing one day together.

And when you do this – don’t take photos of it. Enjoy it for a change.

Until Next Time,

Sabrina T. Wallace




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