Push Past Fear


Have you ever put something off for so long that after a while, you’ve convinced yourself that it wasn’t meant to be? Even though you never quite gave it a fair shot or actually placed your all into it, you’ve already counted yourself out. A lot of times, we find ourselves throwing away broken eggs before we purchase the dozen and not quite understanding what causes this behavior, the only thing that I could really think of would be due to fear.

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How do you go forward when you’ve tapped out? What could you possibly do to break what may be known as a continuous cycle (once you’ve talked yourself out of something, it becomes easier each time when you avoid facing the outcome)? During times like this, having a strong support system helps you alleviate some of your own fears of failing, by building up the encouragement and strengthening your mind into believing that anything you pursue is possible of success. Sometimes you just need a nudge or push in order to just go out and do it.

I am a writer, yes? I have faced this same fear countless times with even work of my own. I grew up with very limited people in my corner, supporting my craft so it was only when I would go out onto a limb and actually submit my literature for possible publication, that I would discover appreciation for my own talent. I have won poetry contests, obtained a scholarship for a well-written essay and even had the opportunity to write for a publication back home in Connecticut for some time. Yet, I doubt the value of my very own creations. The funny thing is, I am not a perfectionist…just very hard on myself. What others find to be such amazing writings, I see as unfinished work that needs to be edited and at some point, completed.

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A dream of mine is to become a published author and be able to live comfortably from my accomplishments. So possible, yet to me, it seems such quite a distance away. Part of having a well-built support system, is having those who sometimes, see more in you than you might see in yourself. Not only that, but they push you and never back down. Thankfully, there are two of the many that I have that have been there for years. Ray Diamond a.k.a Mr. CEO and I became friends back when I was a teenager in which I use to send him short stories and samples of my poetry online. He would also send me writings of his own and we would actually construct with one another. I remember we use to take the songs listed on the back of CD’s and turn them into writings and poetry. Even at the age now of 33, he still pushes me. He is forever in my corner, inquiring on what I currently have going on and making sure I don’t fall off track. I could go a month without consistent communication but when we do speak, it is as if we never had a break. He tells me how awesome I am and how much he believes in me and this drives me even more towards wanting to agree with him through the actions of my progress.

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Published Author, Gail Diamond a.k.a. Mama, has also been such a strong point within my supportive system. By not only providing me with her divine support but motherly influence, she opens up a part of me from a parental perspective that I did not receive when it came to owning my craft. It’s as if, I am more driven to just go out and do it, in order to make my mother happy and it feels good. Because of her, I finally submitted a short story to be published within “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” and with strong certainty, she requested a signed copy of the book once I receive them. To have significant people in your life, standing strong in your corner who motivate you to follow through with God-given talent, anything is possible in which the only person that would then be holding you back, is YOU. Do not allow fear of the unknown to hinder you from something that could possibly make you the next biggest person in the world. Like they say, you won’t know unless you try it – so push past fear and you shall find YOUR greatness at the end of the road.

Until Next Time,

The Fire Jayde



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