Give Yourself Alone Time


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I’ve been known to go on a vacation or two – but within the confinement of my own home. No fancy resort or splendid cruise. Just literally separating myself from the world of virtual reality, and cleansing myself from other unworldly behaviors including people. Sometimes, you have to remove yourself from the circles of those you may label family and friends, in order to reserve your true peace at mind. There are a few people in your circle now that I am sure you’ve been dealing with for quite some time, maybe years, and instead of chopping them off, you put up with their bullshit. And here’s the kicker:


You find yourself either coming up with excuses for their behavior and why they may say or do the things that they do. They’re probably older than you and know you what that means, right? They’re old enough to know better! Why hold on to toxic relationships? Life isn’t about pleasing others but rather learning from the interactions you have with them in order to make yourself a better person. You should be able to take from these people that tear your nerves up, and recognize what you want and don’t want in your circle. 

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Got someone that loves to gossip? Then you should only want someone who talks about positive movements and will share with you life enrichments that they came across. Got someone who loves drama and to keep it going? Then you should want someone who is always coming up with ways to make good investments with an income increased outcome. 

Just because they call you their friend or even family, doesn’t mean that makes them yours. Everyone has their own definition of a true friendship so to allow someone else to dictate yours, no we’re not doing that folk. Go on a vacation, not just from the world but from those who sincerely cannot contribute towards your growth as an improved individual. Here we are almost over with January and you have some people still doing the exact same things they were doing in 2016 – when you’re fed up, you’re fed up. 


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When you go on this vacation, do not give a reason. You are grown and therefore, you owe no one an explanation. It is what it is. Some are not going to like it and others may think you’re acting funny – you are! You are seeking growth and if they are too blind to see this, then why are they in your circle anyways? You want bigger, better and most of all, more promising outcomes than what you received in the past. Another way to get this would be to rid yourself spiritually from those who are content with being right where they’ve been thus far.




So when you go on vacation, turn your ringer off and deactivate your social media accounts. Give all of your energy to yourself and when you finally come back, you will realize that you’ve missed nothing at all and most of all, those who missed you will respect that everyone needs their own “alone-time,” and will be waiting with welcoming arms.

Until Next Time,

-The Fire Jayde

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