Caleb Minter: Young Heart, Old Soul

ATLANTA has been known as a transplant host for such amazing talent around the world. You have many well-known artists such as André 3000, Monica and T.I. who are originally from the peach state and then those such as the late Whitney Houston, India Arie and Ciara, all whom have become very successful over a course of hard work and determination after relocating to Georgia. So it’s not unusual to come across artists such as Caleb Minter along with others who performed this evening, just to name a few: Broadway Miller (@BroadwayMiller), Rolynne Anderson (@Rolynnethefirst), Chanel Teaboù (@ChanelTeabou) and J. Morris (@JustMorris). If you find yourself in downtown Atlanta on a third Wednesday of each month, make sure you swing on by Studio No.7 and check out Milk & Sizz’s Sound Board and support your musicians.

My feet were killing me. I must admit, women endure the oddest pain during times when we could clearly just find alternates – but when it comes to fashion, as long as it completes the look that you are trying to give off, some women will stand in heels all day long until the balls of your feet are throbbing. I’m talking about feelings of sharp fire-like jolts, activating with every step or slightest rested tap onto the surface.
Not only was I exhausted mentally from working my full-time job, (might I add-I wake up every morning at six to get my son ready for school) but I was also tired physically after retreating from work, straight home, only to dig into research of my own. What’s behind those “$0.99” sales you see while you’re out and about bargain shopping? With only forty-five minutes remaining before my son’s afterschool program let out, I then sat at my desk, conversing with a good friend as I lent a helping hand by revising her resume. I looked down at my watch – the hour hand held onto the seven as the minutes danced on the nine.

Needless to say, I had quite a busy day but despite everything, it did not keep me from making my way out to Studio No. 7 which is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta just off of Marietta Street NW. The parking was directly across the street in great walking distance from the venue which made the trip more convenient (FYI: Bad, crowded parking that happens to be more than a minute in walking distance is always the worst when you’re wearing heels. I’ve bowed out of several events due to the lack of parking or its distance). “MILK + SIZZ Presents Sound Board.” The vibe inside was more than I expected – I could feel the artsy auras left and right within the mass. Everyone seemed to be in great, positive moods to be out on a work night. I typically do not go out during week days when I know work is waiting for me in the mornings, simply because I like to be well rested. This evening was a night of me breaking my own rule.

Photo Credit: MilkNSizz/Sound Board

I had no idea what was in store for me as I mingled amongst the gathering, dancing here and there to the sounds played by DJ Akeem (@DJPrinceAkeemATL), everyone was definitely turned up and enjoying themselves to the fullest. Because of my late arrival, I had actually missed the first but thankfully, I was just in time for the second set. Milk (@MilknSizz) introduced herself and welcomed everyone to the Sound Board before the first artist made their way up to the mic. Apparently, this showcase takes place every third Wednesday of each month with a selected Resident as their feature for the evening. Tonight’s feature was no other than the great artist himself, Caleb Minter (@CalebMinterMusic) and as this would be my first time witnessing his performance ever, so I was prepared – or so I thought!

When you have an artist cover songs like D’Angelo’s “How does it feel,” Montell Jordan’s “This is how we do it,” Blackstreet’s “No Diggity,” along with others, and his performance leave you more captivated and speechless than its original, you’ve found something valuable in front of that mic but there has to be some type of pressure to form a gem. “When I perform live with a band, I try to switch it up and make it my own because when you be yourself, it just flows better.” Caleb’s interaction with his audience made everyone feel more relaxed and comfortable as if we all were part of his act, sharing the spotlight as a whole. This is very important as one who stood there swaying my hands into the air and singing along – I want to feel like you’re singing to me as well as with me (even though there’s only one professional here and it sure isn’t me). “I think about the greats and how they interacted and how they made the crowd feel. Music just seemed like it was on another whole realm of artistry. That’s where I want to be and even with my artistry, I plan to find the best artist developer here in Atlanta and just better my craft. I think it is very important that you invest in yourself in order to better what you say it is that you do,” Caleb explained during my one-on-one interview with him.

Photo Credit: MilkNSizz/Sound Board

The importance in captivating the attention of each and every audience member as you keep them entertained during your entire set, is probably the most fearful thing any artist would have to worry about. “I think interacting with your audience is valuable because it can honestly make or break your show. When you’re performing, you feed off the crowd and vice versa-if you don’t, they’re just going to sit and look. If I see one person that’s really giving me a bad vibe, I try to focus on that one person and change them. It’s all about being able to focus and change the energy.” His vocals teased your ears and made the tiny, thin hairs on the back of your neck stand up as he trampled strongly through high notes with control.

Sometimes life will throw an unexpected curve-ball or two, in order to change your current direction and maybe challenge your faith or trust. This unfortunate event occurred with the passing of Caleb’s older brother, Clarence Minter, in December of 2014. Instead of allowing a strong loss to end his passion for singing, Caleb decided to take the love from his brother and merge it with his own, in order to stand up for something even greater…a stronger eternal fire of giving back. “My brother was murdered two years ago to gun violence in which I decided to create a movement for Clarence called “MAGNUM” -Men/Mothers Against Gun Violence Unity Movement, in which I put on my own production and band. Not only do I bring live music but at the same time, I educate them on gun violence. I’ve done five shows with another scheduled April 1st and I released a single along with the video titled ‘Gone Too Soon,’ dedicated to my brother.”
The interview did not end here. Please make sure you subscribe and stay tuned for the full audio with more information and in-depth conversation with myself and Caleb!

There’s enough talent out there for all of us to come together and build one another up instead of trying to find ways to put one another down.

Find out more about Caleb Minter by visiting:

MilkNSizz/Sound Board

Until next time,

-The Fire Jayde

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