Who are we to judge?

Yes, this is for you! People find ways to judge others and I will admit that at times, I found myself passing judgement but I quickly check myself because when I look down at my hands, they’re not clean.

Everyone has made a decision or even several of them within their lifetime and whatever the consequences have been, they had to go through it. But who are we to judge them for what they do? We are not the ones who may suffer or reap the benefits so why does it matter to us personally? You see it all the time and the sad part about it is that there have been moments where passing judgement has lead to deaths. You see someone dressed fly from head to toe and decked out in jewels, get robbed because someone thought from what they saw, the person had that type of money. Only to find out that the jewels were fake and the clothes were hand-me-downs but now, someone’s child is no longer here. We need to do better. There are bigger problems out in the sea and what someone has going on in their lives should be the least of our concerns.

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The Fire Jayde

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