“I wanna know what goes through a boy’s mind…”

I know I am not alone with this question. What are you thinking about while you go through the emotions of falling for someone? One thing that I have come to learn is that Men are truly from Mars and Women are from Venus! As a woman, I cannot expect my man to share the same ways of expressing his feelings as I do to him…he’s not a female and therefore, he might express them in a different type of way than I. For example, women can tell their man that they miss them 1-2 times within a day and a man may say it once..or he may just randomly call you and talk to you for a while. That could be his way of letting you know, he misses you. Just to be able to hear your voice, makes his day.

While searching for a particular quote yesterday, I came across this response from a guy named “VirginiaCountryBoy,” regarding a question I am sure, a girl asked. “I wanna know what goes through a boy’s mind when he’s falling for a girl.” I could have sat here and read this thing about five to six times, it was so amazing. Now, not all men may think like this but I can say, it may give some women comfort just having a general idea of what you go through. Take a look for yourself!


Source: Tumblr Answer


“Haha it’s pretty simple really. Our mind goes from thinking we have logic to “joiealhrngerkdjshnvlkzjhdnsf”. It kind of sneaks up on you. You get to see her, and all of a sudden you find yourself wanting to see her more, and you’re not entirely too sure why. Just something about her makes you smile. You talk to her as much as you can. Or you at least try to anyways. But to be honest sometimes you find yourself at a loss for words. It’s because she’s gorgeous; you literally lose every thought in your mind. The only words you’re thinking are “wow…this girl…” and you WANT to tell her. But you know it’s not the right time, and you’re worried you’ll just scare her off. We think that for a number of reasons…you could have been hurt in the past by a guy and we don’t want to be associated with him by a stereotype, you could not be interested in us and think we’re creepy, the usual stuff. Anyways, as you talk to her more and more and time passes by. Days. Weeks. Months. However long it takes…you find your days strange if you don’t talk to her. She’s on your mind all the time. Everything from “man I wish she was here…” to “I can’t get over how beautiful her eyes are…I see them everytime I close mine…”. Then next thing you know you’re with her, and your heart starts racing as you begin to get shaky. You don’t want her to see your hand trembling, but in front of everybody you physically flirt a little to test the waters. And if she plays back you swallow everything and lightly go to take her hand, in front of every one. Your friends are cheering you on in their heads, but you can see it in their eyes. And then you look into hers just to see if she’s just as nervous as you are…..and at that point it’s fair to say you’ve fallen for a girl. Maybe not totally gone off the ledge, fallen in love. But she’s definitely going to be almost every thought you have. And every moment you’re not with her, you’re going to wish you were. And if you’re lucky enough to reach the point where she starts taking your hand first? Good luck son. Heart will be skipping beats. Pulse will be sky rocketing. Words may even stutter. I guess what I’m getting at is, a girl is kind of like an addiction. Not in a bad way (most of the time). But once one catches your attention you can never get enough of her. You want more. You want to see her more. You want to hold her more. And above all else you want her to smile more…because all of those things, they give you a rush you just can’t replace.”

Did he hit the nail on the head? Is this how men truly feel? The world will never know…but it’s great to read and at least imagine.

Leave your feedback and let me know what you think!


-The Fire Jayde

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