#SpitThatP Launching Party with #VitaminD

IMG_20160221_013020  At the Calabar & Grill located in Stone Mountain, GA on Saturday, February 20, 2016, I walked into the #SpitThatP Launching Party, welcomed by a dim room full of energetic vibrations…an atmosphere with its audience had been held captive lovely artist Key Porter.

By the time I made my way through traffic, I had missed a majority of the artists,  Wordzworth Speaking, Kendal S. Turner, who had performed (my deepest apologies). As Ms. Porter concluded her selection, she thanked the cheering crowd as they applauded with dear satisfaction. Introducing the Guest of Honor, Chocolate Obsession’s main man Reginald “Poet” Johnson opened up the floor with sounds from Bobby Womack’s “The Bravest Man in the Universe.”


     This was indeed the perfect song for such a perfect event. As Devonte “Vitamin D” Evans came out, everyone welcomed not just him but his spirit that came through as well. Standing tall at the front of the room, you could feel his presence make its way around, touching on the shoulders of women anticipating his intoxicating lyrics. As he transitioned from “Heart of Steel,” into “Take a Stand.” Outside of those that he had shared, it was “Having Faith,” that made the entire room relate.IMG_20160221_013020

“You see I, gave that job all that I had

The drive, the commitment, the determination,

Yet what I was given in return was,

Open Heart surgery with no medication,

You see, I was numb as they sat me aside,

Holding back the tears yet inside I cried,

I felt a burn of betrayal as if I was stabbed in the back,

You see I sacrificed field trips, sporting events, PTA meetings and ..

This is how you act?” [click here to view the actual performance]


Everyone has been in this situation at one point in time or has been in something similar so when he went in, we all watched as his words danced around not only in the room but our memory boxes. “Spit That P!” was yelled from one side to the other and at the end, the audience applauded before preparing to be taken off course with his following piece, “Lady.” Overall, the event was not only magical but very intimate with poetry recited from motivational to “inner-thigh” teasing before the night came to a close with his final piece, “I want a woman.

If you have not attended any events featuring #Vitamin D, you are missing out on something great. Check out his website, www.VitaminDPoetry.com and make sure you support his brand #SpitThatP with the launching of his shirts (check mine out below).


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