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Soul Scribe.


Soul Scribe is a spoken word performance poet who encompasses a variety of subjects in her poetry from love and hate to politics and social injustice. She started writing at the early of 12 through journaling and writing raps. In 2011, she released a spoken word poetry album entitled, “Hopeless Romantic,” which can be found on iTunes and other online music sites. Through 2011 and 2015, she released singles highlighting social injustice as well as love poems. Soul Scribe has also featured throughout the United States at open mics, churches, colleges, high schools and events. Her love for the art of spoken word and performance poetry has grown leading her to a variety of opportunities that helped her grow as an artists, as well as provide platforms for other artists from Atlanta and around the United States.

Recently Soul Scribe had the opportunity to participate as a judge for Brave New Voices” poetry slam, an original HBO show by Russell Simmons. Soul Scribe has also been on the judge’s panel for the Poetry Out Loud national high School competition through the Atlanta History Center. She also host open mics and poetry events in and around Atlanta. She was a part of the WIGO radio station crew as the “Woman of Words,” where she performed poetry on air, shared poetry events, news and brought in local Atlanta poets to be featured.

Her voice was used for a United Negro College Fund Commercial in 2015 and for The King Center video, “Remembering the Dream” in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King and Mrs. Coretta Scott King. Soul Scribe paid tribute to Nelson Mandela at Morehouse College for his memorial with an original poem she wrote and performed with African drummers. She participated in The Facing Project show that brought awareness to Atlanta’s sex trafficking problem, where he wrote and performed a spoken word piece entitled, “Souls for Sale.

Soul Scribe received an award twice from the Black Poetry Café as a featured artist and received a nomination for the Georgia Arts & Neo Soul Poetry Award for the “Best Spoken Word Artists” category in 2015. Soul Scribe also received nominations several times for “Atlanta’s Hottest Entertainment Awards. She performed on the original television show, “The IT Factor” by Hank Stewart that aired on AIB Television on Comcast as well as the television show, “Turning Pages with Valerie.”

Soul Scribe was casted and acted in the stage play, “It’s a Thin Line,” by the Learical Jonez Entertainment Group. She has performed at Hank Stewart’s White Linen Affair and Hot Chocolate Affair and a featured for his Love Jones Sundays. One of her earliest memories was a tribute performance she and a group of Atlanta poets collaboratively presented to Rev. Jesse Jackson that highlighted his speech from his 1988 presidential campaign speech at the Democratic Convention.

She volunteers her time to feed the homeless as well as volunteer with The Center for Civil and Human Rights and The Stewart Foundation. Soul Scribe is extremely passionate about community service and giving back. She was honored when one of her favorite poets, activist and professor, Sonia Sanchez, wrote and sent her a hand-written letter encouraging her to continue her journey as a poet and never stop writing. Currently, she is working on her sophomore album, “The Rebirth.” Soul Scribe understands that life is a gift and each moment she has to share her poetry, volunteer or mentor other up and coming poets is a blessing, not just to others, but to herself as well.

If you missed out on our most recent Soulful Session on February 13, 2016 – you missed out on such amazing performances by Hostess/Artist SoulScribe, Vitamin D, Victoria Wilson and Abstract C.I.M. I have had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with these amazing individuals and deliver to you, more insight on their gift. Please be sure to check out a small piece of their performances on my YouTube page and subscribe for more upcoming events that I will be attending!


(L to R) Soul Scribe, Sabrina, Extremity, Abstract C.I.M.


Tapping into the World of Soul Scribe

She presented class with soul all intertwined as she stood before us, greeting the room with her energy. A jazz vocalist introduced Soul Scribe’s presence as she sung Jill Scott’s “He Loves Me,” we were all caught within her trance. You must understand, that even beginning to try re-telling such a moment as the Soulful Session that took place with Soul Scribe, I would be doing an injustice. So take a look at the video and see for yourself. Once the evening came to an end, I took a few of her minutes and learned a little more about the woman deep within…

Where and how did you start with spoken word?

So I didn’t really start spoken word until I was in Atlanta back in 2011. I started performing at college but that was more on the poetry line but now with spoken word around, I saw a lot of artists doing different things with their poetry that inspired me to add more of a rhythm…add music to do something a little more creative outside the normal traditional poetry side.

And there’s been no looking back since?

Noooo [laughing] Always forward!

Who’s your favorite musician of all time?

My favorite musician singer would have to be Anita Baker can’t live without her I love me some Anita. So yes, Anita Baker is definitely my favorite artist

Who inspired you did anyone help you or give you that drive or the extra support?

That extra support..I’m a big fan of Salt & Pepper so you know that was my first time hearing women really perform like that and have so much energy and strength and love themselves.. that really encouraged me to first start writing when I was young. And over the years, I’ve been inspired by a number of Poets from Maya Angelou to Sonia Sanchez. I mean that’s just a wide range of them. My mentor’s Hank Stewart so he has really taught me a lot about politics and business when it comes to performing at events and being creative and building relationships so I have to definitely say he has really helped me be more motivated and more business-minded when it comes to poetry.

What is a little-known fact about Soul Scribe?

If you know me personally… That’s interesting…
My struggle…my childhood, a lot of people wouldn’t know unless they really sat down and talked to me and know where I come from… Both of my parents were drug addicts, my sister was murdered at 17 years old and then, of course, my brother spent most of his time in prison for I’ve come from a rough background and overcome that. I don’t talk about it a lot when I’m on stage…It’s part of my story which made me who I am to not fail…to keep going.

If you could give a piece of advice to anyone who wants to get into poetry..just express themselves, where would you tell them to start?

I would say if you’re just starting off as a poet…you’ve been at home writing and now you want to share, I would say to maybe go to one of the small coffee shops to kind of work your nerves..don’t go somewhere like Apache cafe that’s really big and you get in front of a really large crowd of people and then you’re terrified and don’t want to perform anymore. Go somewhere intimate and small like a coffee shop or bookstore and just share ..be open..because if you go out there [to the wolves] my advice to them would be to just stay humble and continue to work hard ..to learn from the people who have been doing it to talk to them to build relationships with them, take from what they’ve done ..not copy it but you know by letting it inspire them and just never give up on writing because it is who you are. A lot of people come in and say is I can’t do this anymore and quit but they quit on themselves…their soul… so you can’t undo being a writer or else you’ll just have a struggle for the rest of your life. So stick with it and be true to who you are

Please stress the importance of networking

Oh gosh ..Networking is..ok so business is 90% of what we do. 10% is the poetry because you’ve got that. You love it. You write it. You just do it. The business part is 90% so networking is a part of business -building relationships …you know making first impressions because you never get a second one. Making sure that you give it your all no matter if there’s five people in the room..fifty people you know. Build up your social media and your marketing. Network and go to different events just to support other people. Don’t always feel like you have to perform-sometimes just going observe and meet new people, meet new poets. Connect with people because that’s what it’s all about. A lot of times, poets won’t and it’s hard to get a feature if you’re not building relationships with other poets. You want to perform on different shows but the people don’t know if you’re a diva or not, unless they get to know you and I don’t like working with people who are divas because they make it complicated. They want to bring their whole entourage, they want to get in free, they want to act like you know..they don’t want to follow the rules and so when you let people know who you are and then you let people see your soul then you have a better chance at doing business a long time in Atlanta because Atlanta small. And you can travel outside of Atlanta but word spreads. So just Network…be kind to everybody be loving treat people the way you would like to be treated as an artist ..as a person and you will go far.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

I do I am going into the studio next month I’m working on my second album (my sophomore album). It’s going to be called “The Rebirth.” I’ll be talking about all of the things that I’ve been through since my first album. Of course there’s divorce, there’s unemployment…homelessness..then, of course, there’s everything that’s going on around the world-Revolutionary, police brutality ..I have so much to talk about it might be a double album [laughing]

It’s been a while so The Rebirth should be out before the baby gets here in August. I’m thinking more like in July. Maybe do a baby shower album release party [laughing]

Yes that’s a really good idea!

Have you ever written a book?

I haven’t but it is on the list. It is definitely on the list to write a book. I want to get this second album out before I do a book, but after the album there will definitely be a book because I’ll be at home. I’ll be spending time with my child and I will be going out to open mic still…I’ll  take the baby with me, but I’ll definitely be more focused on writing and leaving a book behind.

Now where can people find your music or your album?

They can go to iTunes and download my album or CDbaby or Amazon.com. you can also just listen if you want to stream you can go to Reverbnation and buy or stream ..SoundCloud, Youtube ..everywhere..you know everywhere that there is a place to download my music..spotify.. you can find me

Thank you so much for the interview.

Thank You!



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