Let’s talk “Victorious!”

Southwest Arts Center

On April 2, 2016, you will experience a ground-shaking event that will bring to light, touching subjects that many prefer to sweep under the rug. Sex-Trafficking, Drug Abuse and Rape. Actress and International Soprano Opera Singer, Victoria R. Wilson, will take on the role of many different faces in her One Woman showVictorious,” as her main character Victoria, walks us through her damaging life from the past to the present. This is one show you will not want to miss! 

I was able to catch up with Victoria during rehearsal to ask her a few questions about this event.

When it comes to rehearsing for “Victorious,” what scene do you find most challenging?

I find scene three challenging because it talks a lot in details about sex tradeins. A lot of people don’t want to discuss that that side of the adult life because you are forced to put yourself in that position. I’m talking about the needle marks and being pounded in. Some men, women or children have never been in that type of situation before.

What’s going through your mind when you are actually in character?  

Well for one, to make sure that that the thing that’s going through my mind to make sure that the audience knows that it’s real and I’m not coming off fake because I have to be Victoria before I was a battered woman who’s ultimate goal was to be a singer but she was full of drugs.  She deals with a drug addiction, mental depression-you know being bought in as a member of the sex trade. So with all the things occurring, I have to keep in mind that I have to put myself out of the way and bring the not so pleasing character to life.

Are you able to relate to any part of this play personally?

The play talks about the girl that wants to sing like her father and I say that with my father passing six years ago to brain cancer, that’s who I got a lot of my singing from.  So at times when if I skip a line or something like that, it is because in my mind I know that my mother was never one that didn’t like my singing. She ran for it but my dad is the one that I performed for every time. I may hit a space so its hard for me because I have not grieved ultimately to the fullest so its hard.

Are there any upcoming shows that you have that you would like to make the public aware of?

April 22nd in Barnesville Georgia,  I’ll be singing with a 460 member Orchestra. One important event above all the others that I have coming up is when I’ll be performing the role of both of parts which is in Selma Alabama. I’m so excited to be a part of history and to tell the story not all just of Rosa Parks but also to tell the story of Claudette Colvin, the lady that refused to give a person her seat nine months prior to Parks.

This is not about me trying to promote myself. Even though I was part of a team, it’s about letting the world know, not just in Georgia. I want to make this more of a worldwide event to let people know that these things are current not just in their house and if you don’t stop and listen to each other or especially as black people…if we don’t own up to these things that are killing us, you know we’re going to keep adding another member to the death spin because black people aren’t fighting hard to realize that that is a huge disorder.


Tickets can be purchased here:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/victorious-one-woman-production-tickets-20735678974




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