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If you missed out on our most recent Soulful Session on February 13, 2016 – you missed out on such amazing performances by Hostess/Artist SoulScribe, Vitamin D, Victoria Wilson and Abstract C.I.M. I have had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with these amazing individuals and deliver to you, more insight on their gift. Please be sure to check out a small piece of their performances on my YouTube page and subscribe for more upcoming events that I will be attending!

Devonte’ “Vitamin D” Evans was born July 16, 1975 to Timothy Milon and     Delores Evans, he is the eldest of five kids. He graduated from Booker T. Washington High School in 1994, and from there he entered the world as a father, big brother, and mentor to many. Having three daughters of his own, he prides himself on being an amazing father. Being an Atlanta native, Devonte’ has had a passion for art since childhood. His love for the arts was not just limited to writing poetry; he also draws, is a barber, writes music, and has even adopted a love for singing.

Devonte’ “Vitamin D” Evans is also the author of two books, the first one, A Source of Vitamin D, A Poetic Prescription published in 2011, is a mixture of poems about life, love, and laughter. He stepped outside of himself with these projects and trusted in himself and his gift. His second book published (2013) entitled A Source of Vitamin D, A Poetic Refill, and in this book he definitely  exhibits growth as a writer. He is also, the 2015 Ganspa Awards Recipient  for Up and Coming Male Poet of the Year. He also has some apparel that includes, but not limited to T-shirts, and sweatshirts that displays his logo, which he has become so popular for. SpitthatP, Poetry that is……………

These days you can find Devonte’ spitting at different venues around Georgia, debuting on the radio, and even out supporting local poets in the area. Devonte’ is also a part of the Love Movement, which is an organization that provides food, barbering, and styling for the less fortunate, as an act of giving back. “Vitamin D” strives to live out the deliverance of Dr. Martin Luther King, the visions of Mandela, the story telling of Curtis Mayfield and his “SWAGG” he contributes to Billy Dee Williams, and last but not least, more importantly keeping the flame burning with the ladies as Marvin Gaye……. Devonte’ knows that without God none of this would be possible, and in all these, what God has for him is for him.

Sabrina & Artist Vitamin D

My Briefing with Vitamin D

My experience watching Vitamin D perform was mesmerizing. His eye contact with the entire room as he surveyed the audience, told his whole plan: conquer. He shared with us how he overcame his experience when losing employment and how quickly he regained his composure for the sack of still needing to provide for his family. There wasn’t a poem he didn’t cite, that others were not able to relate to. He came in demanding the respect and at the end of the night, respect was what he received.

S: What inspired you to start with Spoken Word, three years ago? What gave you that drive for Spoken Word?

V: One, to overcome my fear. Two, to tell a story ..I think everything is led by God. Everything happens for a reason, I just stepped out on faith to see what would happen and although there’s been some challenging times, I’ve hung in there…met a lot of beautiful poets and singers and whatnot. We inspired each other and here I am three years later, an award later, my own brand later, everything. I love what I do.

S: You mentioned your own brand…what is it that you have out?

V: “SpitThatP” which is Spit That Poetry. I have my own t shirt…own my own shirts, my own logo. I definitely will have them at my next show.

S: Where can they find your brand?

V: I have an actual website: I’m actually having a show next Saturday at the Calabar. I’m going to be launching my brand and I hope to see many, many people out that night. I want ‘SpitThatP‘ to be all over the streets. I’ve been rocking ‘SpitThatP‘ for like three years and basically, it’s just a motivation to one’s self as each one continues to spit poetry.

S: Do you feel poetry has helped you become a better person as far as getting over the shyness and being able to speak in front of crowds because you definitely will have crowds?

V: Thank you, thank you. Yes, it definitely has. Every time I get ready to cite a poem, I’m nervous. My body is going through some of everything and some people can’t notice it, but I’m going crazy inside. I do a great job, I’m good at pleasing people every time so deep down it helps to be nervous because I mash the gas pedal to go harder.

S: It’s like wanting perfection.

V: Definitely that!

S: Other than the event next week, any other upcoming projects …anything you working on right now?
V: I have a show..I have a show tomorrow! That’s for Valentine’s Day. Anyone can check that out. Check my website &  Facebook Devonte Vitamin D Evans Instagram MrVitaminD

S: Well thank you!

V: Thank You

If you’re in the Atlanta area on February 20, 2016, please make sure you support this brother by coming out to his launching party for “SpitThatP!” Details below.

Divine Elements Entertainment Presents Chocolate Obsession featuring Vitamin D’s Launch Party for “SpitThatP

Also featuring renown poets Wordzworth Speaking, Kendal S. Turner, and Key Porter

#DivineElements #Calabar #poets #Music DJ Mintal on the 1s and 2s #FreePartying – Please get there Early!!!

CalaBar & Grill

4144 Redan Road

Stone Mountain, GA

Doors open at 8 pm

Admission only $7



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