#DatingAtlanta: Hello & Goodbye!


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How I feel when the conversation goes better online than over the phone!


I decided after not getting much of a response on the site that I registered with the other night, to try another app.  This one was known to have more responses and activity flowing, whereas I never heard of the one I had attempted.  So I created my account and within minutes, I had a few messages waiting for me.

Mr. Hello had messaged me yesterday morning as I got my day started running errands around town.  

Him: Heyyyy there! (heart emoji & smiley emoji)

Me: Good Morninggg (smiley emoji)

Him: I’m awesome!!! What are you up to?

Him: I’m B

Me: I’m Sabrina…nice to meet you.  I’m brainstorming of some ideas for a project of mine while getting ready to run errands. You?

Him: Nice to meet you! How has your experience been on this site so far?

Me: Well so far so good…you seem to be the most energetic thus far lol. I like it though. How long have you been on this site?

Him: It’s been ok so far!! What made you join? It’s different…

 I mean, you get the idea folks. So this conversation carried on throughout the day into the evening when he decided to propose exchanging phone numbers. I was okay with it so I sent him my number and he did the same.  Because of such a busy evening, I totally lost track of time.  He had wanted me to text him so that we could arrange a time for us to meet in person and have lunch one day. He ended up texting me in which I replied shortly due to me driving. Instead, I picked up the phone and called him. He was as energetic over the phone as he was in his messaging. It made me laugh a little but hey, there was nothing wrong with that. 

We spoke for a little on the phone in which after a few small …challenges, I felt as if…I wasn’t being myself. It seemed that if I misused a term while telling a story, he jumped in to correct my wrongs. He also came off a bit irritated with me eating in his ear, meanwhile, he had just finished a group of almonds (I only knew because he was smacking in my ear).

“Are you eating or something?” he questioned.

“Yes I am, how did you know,” I replied curiously.

“I mean, you’re smacking in my ear…do you want to call me back or something?” he asked.

“Uh..no, I was actually finished,” I answered, now turned off.  It was at that point that I realized he had an anal fixture about certain wrongs.

He asked for me to text him once I got out of my engagement so he could see what was up.

Oh, let’s not forget…I asked him in confirming his information on the site, “You have no kids, correct?” and his answer was “Yes, Team WINNING!!!!”

This disturbed me simply because I was a mother of a child and it was as if those who did not have children, were not “winning.” 

All in All…Mr. Hello was soon introduced silently to Mr. Goodbye!  I’ll be going out tonight in which I will take a photo before I leave and update everyone in the morning.  Until then, you all stay out of trouble! 



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