5 Ways To Catch a Catfish & A Twist!

Let’s pretend you live under a rock.

You’ve been single for some time and one of your friends convince you to create an account on POF (PlentyofFish.com), in hopes of capturing a beautiful woman to take you out of your misery.  At first, you’re against it.  

I’m not desperate,” you tell yourself.  “I have no problem finding a woman without the help of the internet!”  

Everybody’s doing it, man.  Hell, I’m even up there,” your boy comforts you.

So you tell yourself that after one week, you’re going to delete this account in which you’ve now registered “BigManATL,” as your alter ego.  Still reluctant, you first surf through profiles anonymously without a profile photo.  

No bites.  But once you upload a photo of yourself, the messages begin to roll in.  There’s one in particular that catches your attention though and there’s something about her eyes that draws you in.


Top 5 Ways To Lure in this Catfish

  1. People who usually bait others with beautiful photos may only have under five within their possession.  They may use the excuse of “I don’t like taking photos,” or “my camera isn’t working” or even “I’m shy.”  WTH are you doing on a dating site if that’s the case?   Ask to video chat.  If they are who they claim to be in the photos, they shouldn’t fight you with this request  This way, you can actually see what they look like during live time and not have to depend on a possibly outdated photo.
  2. A Catfisher may not offer any other social media connections to you.  Why is that?  Because if they’re using someone else’s photo, then there’s no personal connection with anyone else whom they’ve either interacted with in reality or even grew up with.  Facebook is known to be used as a platform to keep in touch with high school buddies, family and friends.  If for some reason this person doesn’t have any other social media sites….something’s fishy about this.  But keep in mind, everyone does not believe in the whole social media hype so if you come across this potential, simply ask to meet in person.
  3. Does this new person you’ve met online, only enjoy texting?  Have you ever had the opportunity to talk on the phone?  Do they give you constant excuses as to why they’re not able to talk on the phone?  “I’m sorry but I’m not feeling too good.”  If so, revert to clue #1.
  4. Are they constantly on the go?  Every time you turn around, they’re in a different state every three days.  Do they model as a profession, but you can’t seem to find their bio or portfolio anywhere online?  Are they very secretive?  You might want to dig a little deeper into the person you’re getting to know.  They just might be stringing you along for pure entertainment.
  5. How about when they call you – does a different name pop up on the caller ID?  Do things seem too good to be true?  Have you noticed a certain pattern as far as when they’re available to talk to you?  Do they just disappear on you out of the blue for no apparent reason?  Did she tell you that she’s an actor but just hasn’t had a good dating streak until she met you?  Is she asking you for money or your bank account information?  If so, revert back to clues 1-4.Laura London2

The Twist:

Let’s say the two of you have been talking online for about a month and she has really begun to gain feelings for you.  With this, she decides to come clean and tell you the truth.  She admits that she felt if she showed you the real her, you wouldn’t be attracted to her so she found a celebrity’s photo that every man loves.  She agrees to send you a photo of her real self and even Skype’s you…and this is who you see…beautifulwoman

Do you still pursue anything of substance with her?  



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Enjoyed the article? Be sure to subscribe to the blog and receive notifications whenever a new post is created! Click “follow” in the upper right corner of the site. Thank you for your continued support.

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