Taking Chances for Opportunities

How deep is your passion to win?  Are you willing to go above and beyond your typical schedule to make it happen?  

This is coming from someone who is used to staying indoors on a nice Friday evening, playing PS4 or watching Netflix.  Since I’ve relocated to Atlanta, there has been so may opportunities available to me when it comes to networking.  When I first got down here, I immediately felt that “grind” urge.  It’s like, how do you live down in the A and you don’t have some type of legitimate hustle going on?  I got the vibes as though there is something that I should be doing during my stay.  

With the countless amount of talents that I possess, I decided recently to go with marketing and promoting.  Along with that, scouting talent with the intentions of helping them improve their current status, I felt this was the right place to do it.  Even though I am not an artist, I could appreciate the talent of any singer, rapper, producer…you name it.  The grind is real and once you get to a point in your career where people are flooding venues just to see you, this should open up your eyes and allow you to value the hard work you invested.  

My current project will be showcasing musicians, writers and those who are not only passionate about their career, but they are determined to succeed.  There are a lot of scam artists and those who will drain you of everything you stand for.  I recognize that and I pity those who even take this route.  At the end of the day, my services are real and my dedication to helping people get closer to their dreams is the realest.

So with that said.

Games Over.  Let’s Begin!





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