Don’t judge a book by its cover!

This is something for you to think about the next time you see someone with piercings and tattoos:  The outer appearance does not always dictate the person with an everyday stereotype.


You have been judged in some way whether it is because of your skin tone, your selection of clothing or even the way that you formulate words.  The thing people fail to realize is that with the choices that are made, those who decide, have their own purpose.  So who are we to judge?  What makes what you do any different than someone who chooses to take another route any better?  If we all did things out of the satisfaction of someone else, how unique would we actually be?


Imagine going into a store and the only article of clothing offered were all plain white tees.  Would you still make the purchase, knowing that the chances of a mass majority owning the same exact thing, entice you to still buy the shirt?  What if we all looked and spoke the exact same way?  When you date, you’re looking for someone who stands out from all of the rest.  You don’t want someone who is JUST LIKE YOU.  You want someone who brings versatility to the table.  You want individualism.  Why, though?  Is it due to the fact that this would make them more interesting?


Your look is what gives you an edge…character…persona.  You should not want to be placed in a category with all the rest.  Your cover should be able to express your creativity and tease the minds of others with what you may have in store.  It should not be something held against you in order to place you several steps behind.


This is why automatically assuming less of a person based on their exterior should not be acceptable within society.  We as people, need to be able to embrace those small things that make us different instead of using them to put others down.  This is something that could also be said about body art.  Just because someone chooses to display their love for art through tattoos or piercings, does not make them any less of a person as you, nor their ability to perform any less than yours.


You have superb professionals who go above and beyond doing what they love most and sometimes, that includes lifting and helping others in the time of need.  Who are we to judge?  Tattoos don’t make the individual.  Piercings do not make the individual.  Times have changed where these forms of art are now instruments used to describe periods where someone has been affected in a way most touching to themselves.  Fashion, hairstyles and even the selection of music, are all tools people use in order to say just the right things the ears cannot hear.


So the next time someone decides to place you in the box of the norm, stand up for yourself and claim who you are.  Claim your space in society and let them know, you’re comfortable with who you are, and they should be too.


This is a “Judge-Free” zone!



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