Networking 101: Meet Spin-A-Rella

Are you a small business, seeking growth?  Are you an entrepreneur and you’re just not sure what needs to be done in order to build and network?  Well, you’re not alone.  Sad to say, I’ve noticed more that when you are aspiring to become your own boss or really just put your foot forward towards that leap of faith, not too many people rock with you.  

These are the same ones on FB that rather flock and comment on some ratchet news, than support those who are trying to make a difference.  So if you have a small business, this is what I am going to do.  Simply fill out the form which will have the following questions below (you can find its’ link on the homepage to the right labeled “Market Me!”) and submit it.  Please: No Get Rich Quick Schemes or other Illegal Hustles!

Every week one entry will be selected and listed on my site as well as under my “Small Businesses” page.  All that I ask from you in return is to mention my site on your social media and like my page on FB.  That’s all.  In this world, the best thing you can give is the word of mouth.  Now…for my first listing! 

Name of your business?

What service(s) do you provide?

How long has it been up?

Physical Address (if applicable) AND/OR Website?

Your Contact Info?

What sets your business apart from any other within the same field?


spinArella Pole Dance Fitness

1 Baltimore Place NW

Suite G-1

Atlanta, GA 30308

Website (temp site) 

Contact: 470-210-1691 or

Instructor: Rosie Holland


I have been teaching dancing for 30 plus years, teaching in Atlanta and been in business for over 10 years. spinarella has been in business for 6 years.

spinArella Pole l Dance l Fitness – Atlanta’s elite & exclusive pole/exotic dance fitness studio

Learn pole dancing from the best! Release your inner vixen, and have fun while doing it – exercise should not be a chore!

We take the “work” out of working out and replace it with fun!

We Inspire and Motivate

For the Every Day Woman

Classes are fun, melt away fat and tone all muscles

Develop a hotter body and mind

For all women, all sizes, shapes and ages

It’s our privilege to guide you and help you tone your body, increase your self-confidence, lose weight, improve your relationship, self expression, and overall empowerment.  We will help you step by step!  You don’t need dance experience!


spinArella is a playground for all women!! Our dance/fitness and pole classes will help you discover muscles you never knew you had!

We have been told what sets us apart from other studios is the passion, love and the genuine family feel you get when coming to the studio.  It is very rare that women can gather as complete strangers and genuinely support one another.  There is truly NO JUDGEMENT at spinArella.  I have witnessed sisterhoods, and best friendships form at spinArella.

You can check see me on Real Housewives of Atlanta, R&B Divas, Get Married and CNN.  I have been featured on CNN Health Minute, Upscale Magazine, Essence Magazine, AJC and more!

From personal experience as one of Rosie’s students, I must admit everything that she stated is true!  I started spinArella back in August of 2015 in which from day one, I have always even up to now, I have gained a great sisterhood relationship with a lot of women.  I felt so welcomed and this was indeed a judgement free zone.  I witnessed at the beginning of my level’s class,the comfort of everyone go from wearing sweatpants, down into three weeks later where everyone was dancing in boyshorts or panties.  It was amazing and I love Rosie like a true sister that she is.  If you ever get the opportunity to attend one or more of her classes, you will see exactly why she’s more than your instructor!!!



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Photo Source: Dallas Black Chamber

Photo Source: SpinARella

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