i lost my VIRGINITY at Radiance

Natural Hair…it’s been a great ride!!

But Babyyyy…It was time to switch it up!  Don’t worry because if I get bored with this style, then I will try something else.

Angela Dezigns of Radiance Hair Salon

8347 Roswell Road

Sandy Springs, GA 30350

IG: Angeladezigns

My new stylist Angela made sure she provided me with a thorough consultation prior to starting my transition back to the life of relaxers.  She helped soothe my comfort with this decision by making sure I understood, regardless of whether I continued down the natural lane or hopped over into the HOV Permed lane, I understood one thing:  You have to continue to maintain good housekeeping regardless of which way you go.

I wanted the perm and the perm is what I got.  All of my soft, warm and fuzziness was slowly penetrated by creamy white firmness.  Her assistant Sam also chipped in to make sure anything I needed, she was there to provide.

How did I come to this particular hair salon?

Well on my way home from work, I did a search online for hair salons in the Sandy Springs area in which it brought up this other shop.  I gave them a quick call to see if they had any availability for a virgin perm this afternoon.  After being placed on hold for approximately 2 minutes, the rep came back and stated that they were full.  So in the process of my search, I noticed a sign that read “Salon” on Northridge Drive.  Not too familiar with the area, I still managed to drive in as I did a slow “ride-by,” stealth in full-mode, peeking inside as I passed the shop.  It was bright and very welcoming.  This may be the one for me.

I quickly walked in with my bookbag because I know some shops stop taking walk-ins after a certain time.  This shop operates Monday through Friday 10 am – 7 pm and on Saturdays 9am-5pm.  The thing about me is when my mind is made up, I don’t want to do anything else.  When I got inside, I was immediately greeted by the owner Angela.

Her staff all reminded me of the shop back home where everyone was super friendly and full of personality.  This excitement never died down from the moment I arrived even up until it was time for me to go.  With the services that I was given (perm, shampoo, conditioner, scalp massaged…treatment after treatment), I walked out feeling like a brand new woman.  So if you ever find yourself in the Sandy Springs area, desiring some of that grade-A “laid and slayed” treatment, do yourself the favor and check out Radiance!  And when you get there, just let them know you found their review and you’re ready for some of that precision action!


Before, After & Angled Pictures

Before (Natural)






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