Cut The $h*t.

There’s always….1.

Have you ever had someone in your life who, regardless of how good of a man or woman you are, you were just never good enough for them to “lock down,” but just right for them to lay with?  Whenever you did go out in public together, it was never somewhere local when you would run into friends of theirs or even yours.  Everything was always so “low-key,” but they made it their business to pop-up anytime another took an interest in you.  Any other time when they would see you out, they kept it cordial, however when a man or woman stood within your personal space, they made it their business to intervene?

Push their bullshit to the side and step away while you can.  Protect the positive energy that you do have left, from leeches who dwell on your joy like dirt on peasants.  How is it that when it comes to relationships, they’re never at a point in life where they could make that commitment with you, however, allow a random stray to come into the picture and the next thing you know, they’re boo’d up.  They’re posting photos all over IG and Facebook.  Their status has now changed to “In a relationship,” but yet this is the same person who whenever you two speak, can never quite have their shit together.  I’m all the way confused.


Please understand that I’m not knocking the game but rather shining light to those who might not really get it at this moment.  Basically, you have someone who is telling you to your face that either A)You’re not good enough for them in their eyes, B)They’re too confused to really know what they want, C)Don’t know if they can handle you right now but don’t want anyone else to have you, or D)All of the above.  So you’re going to allow someone to hop in and out of your life when its’ convenient for them.

 They just got out of a relationship but because they had something going on with you prior to this breakup, they’re going to retreat back to their comfort blanket and expect you to soothe their wounds before they go back out and fight again.  They are going to try and bring up past memories, things that they know will trigger some form of an emotion back into your life because while they were gone, you were actually healing yourself with their absence.  This is almost like a video game.  You start off really good and then when they find something “better,” they save what they have going on with you until their pursuit has been shut down.  What’s next?  You guessed it.  Your game is re-loaded and now you’re back to this person’s fuckery until a new game comes along.

sseOyLH (1)

Cut the shit.

They want to rekindle those old feelings and maybe, just maybe, get one good sex session in with you for old times sake.  Remember?  Your sex had them head over heels and afraid to really open up to you, in fear of falling for you because you are just too good of a person.  But yet, the both of you are not together.

Sometimes you have to sit back and think…

Yes, I am too good of a person so what does that say about you when you shy away from me? 

Shouldn’t you want to think highly of yourself and be able to step up to the plate against any battle?  Or are you inadvertently admitting that you know you fall short of their standards and know that they deserve better, yet you don’t want to let go?  Stay far away from these individuals who cannot come with things to lay on the table.  They are clearly telling you, regardless of how much you may feel they’re the ones for you, “I’m not it.”  When they disappear and then pop back up days, weeks, months is because they know you’ll be there.  The key is not to take the bait from loneliness or a desire for companionship as they’ve already shown their true colors.  


Don’t fall for a Pawn disguised within the skin of an impersonating Knight.




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3 thoughts on “Cut The $h*t.

  1. Excellent post!!! It all boils down to self love!!! If you know GOD gave you the breath of life on Purpose you mustn’t allow anyone to treat you as if you have no purpose !!! Love exchanged should be on Purpose, the time you share should be on Purpose!!! Passion on share on purpose !!! Don’t let anyone waste your time on purpose !!!😇


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