#SweetSpotNation: Atlanta

The atmosphere was oh so sexy and breathtaking as seduction walked around. “Would you like to play a game?” Let me give you the heads up for everyone who plans to attend the Sweet Spot Nation whenever they visit your town: The answer is always YES! At least that’s what Dr. Lee enforced!

Sexy. Hot. Sensual. LusciousSeductive

#SweetSpotNation on Saturday November 14, 2015

This was the first time that I had ever attended this event and to be honest with you, after researching online, promotional videos and photos – I had an idea of what to expect but you know what they say, “expect the unexpected.”

This event had everything you needed and then some including erotic poetry, story-time, a dance-off from audience members along with a exotic Burlesque dancer.  Let your hair down and take a sip of wine baby because you’re going to need it.

Dr. Nikeema Lee

Author and a professional as providing pleasure, Dr. Nikeema Lee strutted around the venue, showcasing all of her chocolate candy drops, enticing every set of eyes locked onto her figure.  We all wanted to know what this game was all about!

When you think of grown and sexy, you may picture a lounge with adults dancing to some old-school music or having small chat.  But here, grown and sexy meant, you flaunt what you have and dare not be ashamed of it because we were all one.  Every person in that room understood what struggles you may have faced but at the end of the night, we were there to unwind and have a great memorable time.  And that we did!

Yolanda Smilez

The evening was wrapped up tight by New York’s very own comedian Yolanda Smilez!  She shared her piece of mind with us as she stood ever so astonishingly beautiful on stage.  She brought sexiness to a whole new level and at the same time, helped us forget where we were and whatever issues we had back at home.

The atmosphere thickened from the jam-packed, elbow to elbow filled room (might as well label it a sold out event) as everyone chatted amongst each other until the vixxen herself,

Sabrina Gilbert

Sabrina Gilbert stepped onto the stage.  Ohhhh..she was amazing!  She got the crowd warmed up just like foreplay slowly whining her body in ways many are still attempting to master.  Her bubbly spirit and personality definitely set the tone for the evening but no one was prepared for the host himself.

Iz-Real The Poet

Iz-Real The Poet.  Mr. Witty himself!  He was a crowd pleaser and like intimacy itself, he knew all the right things to say to make you feel comfortable enough to open up.  And before he got the night of a fairytale come true, he made sure the crowd understood very firmly…”What happens at the Sweet Spot, stays at the Sweet Spot!”  Shhh…don’t tell nobody though (wink)…

Ainsley Burrows

Poetry and Author Ainsley Burrows was on a mission to leave every seat in the room moist.  His piercing eyes and thigh bursting poetry brought a new meaning to the term “erotic” as his presence graced the stage..oozing with sexual tension all over his face….he was determined to make you cu..

and let’s not forget the seductress herself, Laurielle Noel!

Laurielle Noel

I don’t know about you but I could never quite recall having story-time the way she laid it down.  Dressed in all red with the black stiletto pumps, she placed imagery into the minds of those vulnerable to fantasies.  The words that she recited from Ainsley Burrow’s book “Bang Bang Bang,” captured everyone while leaving us on the edge of our seats…yes, she was very desireable.

Apathy Angel

Who says you have to travel to Las Vegas in order to experience an jaw-dropping burlesque show?  Even without traveling to New Orleans, Apathy Angel dripped every last one of her sweet nectar drops onto the stage as she performed under a monsoon of bills.  Gyrating her hips like a snake charmer, she teased the men and even women effortlessly.  Her grand finale was something I would never forget.

As you could see, The Sweet Spot Nation was worth more than the money spent on the VIP ticket!  The performances that took place, left an lasting impression on not only myself, but every male, female, homosexual, heterosexual and even bisexual under this rooftop.  The next time you see their name show up on your timeline or newsfeed, do yourself the greatest favor and reserve your seat for a night you will never forget!

Check out their upcoming shows by visiting their website: www.SweetSpotNation.com

For more footage from the Sweet Spot Nation Atlanta show, check out the Real Talk on The Cypher’s Den Youtube

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