BYOB! Be Your Own Boss

20151128_145809.jpgAs I was having lunch today, it came to me.  So many people rather sit back and be content with the 40 hours of labor and paychecks full of deductions, instead of really going out there and claiming what truly belongs to them.  Everyone has a dream but when you wake up, is it simply a captured vision you see unconsciously?






Stability.  We all fall victims to knowing exactly what to expect as well as how often, but what happens when unexpected changes occur?  These unplanned moments and situations pop up into your environment that causes you to fall off course?  The biggest challenge I believe many business owners undergo would be taking chances and risks with the “what if’s.”  What If’s do not come with labels, guides or warnings?  Things just happen.  Life happens.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I take a step back and analyze my life along with the decisions that I’ve made thus far.  I usually find areas where if I would have taken a different route, my current situation(s) may have developed differently.  However, there’s no time to cry over spilled milk.  I cannot sit here and depend on the next generation to supply my financial comfort blanket because who knows what the future will bring.  I have to deliver for today and be thankful for tomorrow.

Being your own boss can be complicated.  It can be challenging as well but at the end of the day, the more effort you put into what you dream, the better your results will be.  Sometimes you have to surround yourself around those who are placing their best feet forward continuously while not allowing the fears of the unknown, to hinder their progress.  This is where my involvement with The Cypher’s Den comes into play.  More than just a company, this is a movement with various events, media and vision across the board.

One thing that I would have to commend myself on is not allowing the fear of not-knowing, to prevent me from still trying.  I have a few projects lined up that I will tackle within the next year and appreciating the support from everyone around me, I am going to make sure that I push forward towards into success.  All it takes is the ability to network, the determination to grind and finally, the desire to win.



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