Oral: She just may be into it…


Disclaimer: The following post includes adult content and is not intended for anyone under the age of 18.  Do not proceed if you are underage.

The room is dark and barely lit from the reflection of the television illuminating brightly off of your bare bodies.  You two begin to kiss passionately as he caresses the back of your neck, stimulating your ever nerve causing you to leak.  His hands invade between your legs where he taps into your moisture box and now, it’s on!  You bite softly onto his neck as a moan escapes which confirms, he’s ready.  You guide your hands down to his member and begin to stroke him steadily.  Just as you move in to kiss him once more, he takes his hand and places it onto the back of your head.  “Oh hell no he ain’t!” is the first thought that comes to mind.  Then he begins to softly and ever so gently, proceed in pushing you down into his lower region where you meet eyes with his third leg.  You quickly get up in rage and cuss him out as he lays there confused as to what went wrong.

1.  Do not push on her head or even ask for it.

I recently asked six men the following questions when it came to oral sex:

Do you feel as though women you’ve been with are more willing to perform oral on you without you probing, or do you have to hint around to it?

Out of all six men, half have admitted that women were more willing to initiate and perform oral without any necessary probing or hint dropping.  When it comes to hinting, I think what we must look at is the level of comfort between this woman and man as well as if there is any past history between the two.  A woman you may have just met may be more reserved to performing based on society and the image it paints with those who are willing to perform upon just meeting.  Then you have women who make professions out of it and wear their neck badges proudly.

However you go about hinting, a large mass of women will agree when I say, we don’t need you to push heads and force us into that direction.  Don’t look me into my eyes and then divert your attention to your penis.  I know what you’re trying to say and sadly, you just turned me off.

I surveyed six women with the following question:

“If you perform oral, do you do it out of personal preference or do you do it because it is more acceptable in society?”

Believe it or not, all six women stated that it is something done out of personal preference.  What does that mean?  That means fellas that basically, if a woman is into and wants to perform oral on you, she will.  No hinting necessary.  Women do it out of the idea of both pleasing you and herself at the same time.  So the last thing that you want to do is turn her off by forcing yourself on her.

Matter fact if you ask, hint, touch my head you won’t get it- it’s a turn off

Take heed to the warnings and just go with the flow.  At the end of the day, a woman wants to feel as though she is still respected by you so go at her pace.

2.  Do not Skeet/Cum inside of her mouth without any prior mutual agreement with her.

Now you must admit, I’m sure the feeling must be great while you’re being satisfied, but what quicker way to ruin your future chances at some good oral, than to skeet inside of a woman’s mouth unexpectedly.  Mannnn..that will get you added to the “Do Not Answer” list (unless she’s into that).  This is based on the type of relationship you have with your partner.  He/She will know whether or not that’s something you’re into prior to it happening.  I’m not a man, therefore I do not know what it feels like to be releasing BUT to take such a risky chance, it must be amazing.  Men, this is not a turn-on for women.  Do not do it.

3.  Reciprocation…Yes..No..Maybe?

Not too many people do things with the expectation of getting it back in return.  However, what better way to say “Hey, you did a great job (high-five)”..than to return the favor?  Now, one thing I must say is if you are not into giving then you shouldn’t be into receiving either.  That’s like someone who enjoys eating food but can’t stand cooking.  This is probably something that takes either being in tune with your partner or just having that open communication with them.  You will know whether or not you will be blessed in return if you go all out in making them happy through some good giving.

I surveyed the same six women with the following question:
“If you perform oral, do you do it in hopes of it being reciprocated or do you do it out of personal preference?”
What do you think the answer was?  Five out of six stated that if they performed oral, it would be done out of their own personal preference with no expectations on receiving it in return.  I believe, depending on whether or not you’re in a relationship or single, the answer to this would vary.  It also goes back to my previous statement on knowing your partner and having that comfort, you will know whether or not they will return the favor.  When you’re in a relationship, you are going to want to please your partner and keep a smile on their faces, so doing it without getting it in return wouldn’t bother them.
In conclusion folks, sometimes just taking the time out to see exactly what it is your partner is into and not into, will answer a lot of your questions and prevent yourself from not getting any in the future.
Wrap It Up!!
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