Brain Before Booty…

Or so they say…

One thing that I have learned since relocating to Atlanta is patience is of virtue.  There are too many times when people meet and rush into things way too fast.  When the “ships” don’t work out, then they are left standing there wondering …where did things go wrong?  Being in a state over-populated with women (bi-sexual, straight, working women, dependent, etc.), the chances of really landing a good catch could definitely slim down somewhat.  But does this mean that you should take any walking man who is willing to give you some sort of attention?  Not at all.  You still need to have standards set if you intend on building with someone with the same desires and intentions as yours.  This has become an ongoing issue with my dating life since I moved here.  Guys expect me to be eager to roll these panties down at the drop of a dime, just because what I am not willing to do, others will.  Well, by all means, help yourself.  That’s how I feel.

I am open to compromising but to an extent.  If a man chooses to desire getting to know me, then he should be able to bring more to the table than just hard dick and bubble gum.  What happened to the old-school dating routines as far as getting to know someone and spending time before getting in bed?  Granted yes, we live in the millennium times where some relationships are established through sexual acts before really connecting mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  Does that mean that all relationships will need to be formed through this act?  Not at all.  There are times when you should want to be mentally stimulated by your person’s intellect.  You should want to have that connection with them that would create excitement when you imagine being intimate, without actually doing it.Best-cute-love-quotes-for-him

Consider me weird I guess.  One thing that I despise is for someone to make me feel as though I’m wrong for going about dating the way that I have.  I’m no Virgin Mary.  Yes, I enjoy sex just as much as the next if not more, but I want to get to know you first.  Let’s hang out and chill…be amongst one another’s presence.  Let the excitement build up…let me desire you naturally before you try forcing your aggressive approaches down my throat!  Whatever happened to this?  Is the lack of participation in this order due to men and women eagerly participating in sex first, get-to-know last?  At this route with me having two kittens, I might as well get a bigger place where I’ll be able to house another eighteen more as I become the cat woman.


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