Chivalry vs. “Netflix & Chill”


The days of the good, are soon coming to an end, where they will be replaced with nothing but “trap queens” and “bad bitches.”  They will trot around appearing as though your nearest strip club just let out like a “school’s over” final bell.  Beware…all real things will come to an end…or will it?

Does this era still exist, where men open car doors for a woman even if they are not courting (dating)?  Not only will he do this, but he will walk on the outside of the sidewalk in case some raging maniac decides to jump the curb.  He will stand tall and invade her personal space with pride as they cruise the local mall, not in shame and denying his love for her as big booty Becky walks past.  He will pull out a chair for her as they dine out and even push it in once she has sat down.  Hell, he will proclaim their relationship if he is out and one of his boys’ decides to confront him about “the shorty with the fat ass” he saw him with last night on the strip.

     I don’t know about you, but some people have this dating thing all jacked up.  Now, instead of taking a lady out to the movie theaters and then follow it up with a nice meal out, we’re left with the “Netflix and Chill” syndrome.  Oh…you don’t know what that is?  That’s when someone, instead of going out, invites you over to their spot to watch some movies and Netflix..and yanno, “chill.”  Now, let me translate to you, what the true definition of “chill” is.  Chill to someone who extends this generous offer means they want you ladies, to roll them panties down to your ankles.  Yup!  I said it!  Roll them drawls down.  Don’t act like I’m not right either folks.  Hey, if I’m lying, please feel free to leave your comment right underneath this post — but I wouldn’t make this up.  To back up my explanation, I did you the liberty of posting the definition I located on

When your boyfriend/girlfriend asks you to come over to their place and have sex. This is some what similar to a Booty Call but misleading.
Brenny – “Hey bae wanna come over and watch netflix and chill”

Jade – “Sure babe do you have protection?”

Brenny – “Wait I thought we was gonna watch that new show on netflix”

Jade – “Babe, Netflix and chill means you are horny and want to fuck”

by TacticalN00b August 31, 2015
See!  Where is the time going?  Whatever happened to taking the time to get to really know someone while treating them with the respect they deserve.  This can play a major part of why some women such as myself are single.  We want respect and we want to know that you’re not getting to know us just for a piece of ass.  If that was the case, then why not let it be known from the gate?  That’s one thing I never quite understood.  Fellas, you have a lot of women out there who are down to have sex with you minus all of the misleading and games.  By knowing that there’s no true challenge in trying to roll them things down, you pursue her at a different angle?
     Not every woman dislikes a good man treating her like royalty.  Those of us remaining in this society of instant imaging, enjoy waking up in the mornings to a text message from you wishing us a wonderful day.  We love the random phone call just to see how we’re doing.  We value the times you want to just surprise us with a spontaneous date out in town.  Yes, I want you to get to know me for who I am and what I love.  How else will you know whether or not I may be the one for you, unless you genuinely not interested in longevity.  Times are getting bad where there are diseases left and right.  Women are getting their hearts broken and as a result of this, they’re becoming colder and more short-tempered.  Can you blame us?
     The next time you take your phone out and prep your “NetFlix & Chill” message to a female in your contacts, think for a second:
“Would I want a dude coming at my sister like that?”  
Now, if you don’t get along with your sister then you probably won’t don’t really care.  But the point that I am trying to make here is…we value the old fashion dating…we desire it and we want to be able to experience it first hand.  We don’t need you trying to fool us into giving you want you want.  Become the last of the dying breed and you just may end up with a treasure for life.
At the end of the day fellas, real recognizes real and real women just want you to wake up and smell the roses.
Credit: Photographer Arthur L. Teal
Long Live Chivalry!
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