Knowing Yourself=Valuing Yourself


The most important thing that should be taught to any young child is to recognize self-worth.  A lot of times, we raise our children with thicker skin than what we had grown up.  We try to do everything we can and give everything possible that was not available to our youth, when we were raised as little ones.  “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never phase me,” was the saying that I grew up on – but how true was that statement and just how effective do you think it really was?  To be accepted by society, people go through desperate measures to be recognized, not understanding that this recognition they seek may not come along with positive perceptions of them as an individual.

Growing up, my childhood was cruel and just downright mean.  I got picked on daily for my skinny figure, full lips and eyes.  All I wanted to do at the time was fit in with everyone else and be “normal.”  But I wasn’t and not until I grew in age, would I ever come to appreciate these beautiful features.  Big lips, fish eyes…I heard it all.  As an adult, I now realize that yes, ignorance is bliss and even though it wouldn’t make sense to hold grudges against those who taunted me, it did cause insecurities that prevented me from really feeling “beautiful.”  Today, you have people who would pay thousands of dollars and hours of pain to have these same features.  What happens when you don’t find the true value within yourself?  You begin to mimic what is trending and find validation in what society labels “acceptable.”

 Does this really make one feel whole?  No.  The void within is more damaging than any exterior enhancements.  Beauty must be found within because it can really be upheld externally.  At the end of the day, everyone just wants to be liked.  This is where social media feeds into the minds of those full of insecurities.  You have the option now to like someone’s photo and leave comments.  What happens when someone has something negative to say?  Are you strong enough to just brush it off and keep it moving or does this begin to chip away at your self-esteem.  Women now find it more appealing to post semi-nude photos online for the attention while neglecting their safety.  I see it time and time again…bra and panty shots in the bathrooms of the internet models who find it perfectly okay to expose their bodies in sexual tones (whether consciously or sub-consciously).

The way of the world presently is that sex sells.  But once all is said and done, what are you left with other than a trail of nudes and trail of thirsty men?  And men, you too are guilty of posting the boxer-brief shots with the bulge out for the world to see.  If you know who you are and what you stand for, one day people will begin to realize that what you put out for display, is what you will receive in return.



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