Who Is The Fire Jayde?

Let me re-introduce myself to the world of blogging where opinions run wild like forest fires in the state of California.  I am a writer who suffered at one point from the illness of caring what someone thought.  Yes, I said it.  I allowed someone else’s discomfort and insecurity to play a major role in my disappearance but guess what?  I’m backkkkk!

My blog will not be like others that you may have come across in the past nor present.  What sets me aside from the rest, you ask?  Because I am The Fire Jayde – duh.  But on a serious note, I enjoy discussing all types of events, situations (both personal and generalized) and just delivering emotions at its rarest form.  With that being said, my disclaimer is as follows:

“The upcoming entries will be based solely on the opinions of Sabrina T. Wallace and do not reflect the business in which I work for.  I am no philosopher nor am I medically certified in any degree.  I am however certified to bring to you how I feel about any and everything you will find on this blog site.  All names will be altered to protect the identity of those whom I may have encountered in one way or another.  To sum this disclaimer up, I may say a few stupid things here and there – I am human and must meet the obligations of providing you with informal and humorous entertainment from time to time.

The Fire Jayde

Now that we have that out-of-the-way, let’s begin.

Born in Hartford, Connecticut, a majority of my time was spent learning and experiencing life at its best.  Divorced with one child, I have grown into this woman who still makes mistakes.  I find it hard to apologize for this simply because if you are without error, then you are without knowledge and wisdom.  Now residing in Atlanta, I must admit that the south provides more of that “this is my home” feeling due to the southern hospitality and wide range of opportunities available in becoming an entrepreneur.  Follow me on my journey and become one with me.  I promise, you will not be disappointed.

~The Fire Jayde

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